Agile is not all that bad, OR, is it?? - Part 1, Episode 6

March 27th, 2019

If Agile is so great, what in the world is going on that many people can’t stand the thought of it? Is there a root cause? One of our leaders, Heidi Araya, wrote a great blog called, “A Dilemma of Our Time – Achieving Business Agility” and yes, it is a dilemma most likely caused by 2 decades of paradigm shift into the future of management and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

This does not excuse Agile for getting a bad rap. We must be open to explore why we got here and what we can do about it. And… that is what we intend to do. You are in for another 2 part podcast that is sure to help open your mind.

00:17 – Show introduction

03:15 – Show opening

04:20 – A powerful reading of a statement from Neil Killick about Agile

07:50 – Meet our other CAJ leader, Mark Cruth

09:05 – Anarchy over Agility – Agile is really becoming a problem

10:59 – Entirely writing of the entire concept of Agile, due to bad experience

13:40 – We start exploring by “Starting with Why”

14:47 – Does the one-size-fits-all mentality bring Agile to its knees?

15:42 – People lack understanding, don’t know “why they should be”

16:51 – Expectation of maximum return for most minimum input

18:26 – Doing Agile, process for sake of forced process – not a real commitment

19:96 – A bad fad diet it has become

20:55 – Failure modes defined a decade ago, still relevant today

22:04 – Companies using this to lure in top talent wanting to work this way

23:45 – If you only partially invest, it won’t make anything healthy

24:48 – Teaser where we will dive into What we can do to make positive change

25:21 – Closing out of the show

A Dilemma of Our Time, blog by Heidi Araya:


Neil Killick on LinkedIn:


Jean Tabaka’s 12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes


The Backwards Bike; “Knowledge does not equal understanding”


“Why developers consider Agile development to be nonsense”
blog by: Kevin W.