Agile is not all that bad, OR, is it?? - Part 2, Episode 7

April 3rd, 2019

Get ready, because this is the show where we can rally around Healthy and Positive Agile/Agility

Our last episode dove into some of our points of view on why Agile gets a bad rap. This episode will enlighten you on what the heart of Agile is and was meant to be.  

I have a feeling you’ll be surprised with the context of how we bring forward ways of getting Agile back onto a positive track as leaders. Actually, I think this episode will help those who resist or don’t understand what Agile is, to understand the true value of Agile and change the perception of what they experienced or thought Agile was that led them to originally go against it.

Even those with great Agile tenure and experience may be a bit mind blown at how this show wraps up the entire context of the episode with a statement mic drop. Stop, and take the time to listen to this episode to recalibrate your own mind on how we can all focus on getting Agile healthy and perceived as a positive way for everyone to embrace working together. Listen in and let’s give Agile a better name and image!  

00:16 – Show Intro

01:43 – Show Segway from Why Agile is bad, to How Agile is great

02:02 – We gave Isaac a magic wand, he waved it and this is how Agile got better

05:59 - How does a young girl falling off her bike and getting hurt have anything to do with Agile??

07:47 - Engineers so far removed from connecting to the problems they are helping solve, is hierarchy the obstacle

09:50 - A good exercise to demonstrate impact of layered feedback loops

11:32 - Is the feedback, really the voice of the end user OR someone who feels they know what end users want?

13:01 - Lost art of personas, or personas have never been used correctly to begin with

15:01 - Use-Ability Lab can open eyes and check egos - but it was so simple, build so perfect and had great requirements

18:00 - BUT, we do the demos.... and do all the other steps and you mean to tell me, Agile still isn't working???

19:28 - Believe in the team - PERIOD w/ values first

21:30 - Someone to lead, who has been successful doing it and TRUST in this person, support this person, engage

27:08 - Scale does not equal consistent and we need more recognizing healthy achievements in Agile

29:03 - Creating a culture of winning, lessons learned through the hotel industry

32:33 - So hard to ship something minimal, WE WANT IT ALL, cram next thing through pipeline

35:57 - User Story Tyranny, is this what we've come down to... could this be the key thing?

38:07 - How can Proof of Concepting or The Scientific Method help us understand healthy Agile?

39:22 - How can "Wizard of Ozzing" help you and your teams & Mark drops a secret statement he intends to copyright

40:15 - Connecting the actual results of what a team delivered to the problem they helped solve 

42:00 - Here it comes.... the moment you've been waiting for -- you had to listen to everything to understand THIS!

43:27 - What... did our podcast studio just blow up or WHAT

43:54 - Wrapping up with some great tips for you to use 

48:57 – Close out of show, what’s up next

We know you have thoughts, reactions, comments or even some strong opinions and we want to hear them.  Tweet us or contact us with them.  We'd love to connect with you and possibly even use it on our show or have you as a guest.  Please, connect!



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