Agile Jumpstart - Part 1, Episode 9

April 24th, 2019

We have the distinct honor and incredible opportunity to help out someone who is just starting their Agile journey. Our special guest will ask us a few questions that anyone new to Agile will surely want to know. We hope to share some powerful advice and tips so that our guest and anyone who listens can get a good jumpstart in the Agile world.

If you are experienced and have a passion for this Agile space, listen in and when we are asked these questions, think:

“What advice would I give or how would I answer that question?”

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I’d love to do a podcast where I share with all the listeners advice our audience has provided and how our audience answered these same questions.


00:20 – Opening Introduction

03:15 – Start of the show, meet George Black

06:57 – How does an Agilist or Scrum Master get their start and how do they become active in the Agile community?

16:32 – Are there stepping stone roles, or a career progression path in Agile?

28:09 – People Over… - Let’s talk about how and why this is such a huge thing.

33:00 - What learning opportunities would you recommend to an aspiring Agilist?

40:20 – Closing out the podcast