Authority Distribution Schema with Daniel Mezick - Episode 3

March 6th, 2019

This is a don't miss episode of Open to be Agile. Daniel Mezick surfaces why the power of decision making through the Authority Distribution Schema is a vital component, quite possibly the core component to the health of Agile and complete Organizational Business Agility.  Here why and we venture into some other very interesting topics as well.

00:21 – Show Intro

02:07 – Jeff kicks off the show w/ Lori

02:51 – Meet Daniel Mezick

03:35 – State of Agile Today discussion

14:30 – Where is Agile heading or evolving moving forward

18:13 – Can you shape organizational culture & how

28:11 – Rapid fire questions with our guest

31:36 – Close out & what to expect next episode


Dan’s Links:

  • The Open Leadership Symposium – May 14-15 Boston

  • The Authority Circle 

  • Inviting Leadership

  •  Open Space Agility

  • Dan’s Twitter