Losing Cabin Pressure, Put on YOUR Mask First - Episode 4 pt 1

March 13th, 2019

Part 1 of a 2 part series:

Don’t lose focus on yourself in this Agile world. A better you, can help out those around you. This episode focuses on you. When you seem like the work world is falling apart around you, more than likely a lot of others on your team are feeling the same. But, you are there to help and we have some things to share to help you!


0:10:   Intro – Uplifting and obtaining peace & what this show segment is all about

03:07: Opening of the show, leading into the topic – what does losing cabin pressure have to do with Agile?

10:40: Round table of tips and tools our CAJ leaders use to maintain a positive mindset and get results 

  • Get your notepad ready, there’s some great advice here! 

28:48: Closing out the show, how to connect with us

30:26: A last uplifting word of encouragement and what to expect next podcast


Host - Jeff Koors

Co-Hosts - Lori Townsend and Cristin Hernandez

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