Q&A from our Agile Journeys Group - Episode 2

February 27th, 2019

On this episode we introduce 2 of our other leaders at Coaching Agile Journeys, Heidi Araya and Lori Townsend. Get to learn a little about their journey in Agile. We also will cover some Q&A that we were never able to cover during our online presentations. Some very solid questions at that!


00:17 Show intro


02:20 Meet Heidi and Lori


06:05 How to bride the gap between traditional project management to Agile?


11:45 How do you synchronize value delivery and minimize dependencies when you have 2-3+ teams working from a common backlog?


15:47 I’m going from being in the office with teams everyday to being 100% remote, any tips on making this transition successful?


20:15 A team is struggling with being ambiguous with each other, alignment, agreeableness within the team, how can we improve this situation?


25:15 Show wrap up


27:26 Outtro