Self-Managed Teams for the Win! Doug Kirkpatrick Interview

April 17th, 2019

This is an Open Leadership Symposium speaker interview with Doug Kirkpatrick that happened to unlock some very valuable information and insight into creating self-managed people and teams, as well as how leadership works within this culture.  This is the direction of the future, get ahead of the curve now and take up some learning with this podcast episode.

If you suffer from bureaucracy, dogma, fiefdoms and feel your organization can do better, you want to tune in!  

If you are a business or organization leader looking for real business agility, this is also the show for you!

If you are in HR and want to modernize the culture, empower people and teams, this is for you!

Your organization can be good, if not great.... it doesn't matter, there's always room to rise to excellence or become elite... we have you covered, this podcast is also for you too!

00:19 : Show Intro

00:40 : What is the Open Leadership Symposium and Why should I attend?

02:16 : Self-Managed workplace - what is this?

02:52 : Some advice and inspiration from a friend's Facebook post, check yourself and your attachments

04:51 : People are already in tune with self-managing themselves, find out how

06:19 : Making it clear; Boss does not equal leader, Manager does not equal leader, Executive does not equal leader

08:04 : Meet Doug Kirkpatrick 

14:16 : Yes, Doug is a Financial Controller and was able to lead a self-managed organization that became wildly successful

16:35 : Who is more connected to the problem and has ideas to improve the problem?  Workers or Manager? AND, do they feel they can present this and make a difference?

17:39 : What is Beyond Empowerment?  How do you actually go "beyond" empowering people?

19:30 : What constitutes me being a leader?  Is it a role I can be assigned to?

20:56 : Why is this movement to allow people to self-manage, decentralize command or to empower teams so difficult?

23:20 : Can adrenaline and dopamine be a primary driver to not allowing certain people in positions of power to relinquish their authority?

25:35 : How can you help influence this Self-Management movement?

27:46 : Some people want to work alone or be an order taker or time clock puncher, how are they managed in Self-Management?

30:12 : If everyone is Self-Managed, how do you manage a situation where someone has skill deficiency or is not a good fit in a position/role?

32:54 : Interesting concept - Gamify the Workplace for Optimum Results

36:25 : Why should people come to the Open Leadership Symposium see you speak?

38:55 : How you can connect with Doug?

41:22 : Doug's word of encouragement to you on how you can begin applying a Self-Managed work culture & will it benefit your personal life too?

42:33 : You have the power in you, no matter what forces you may feel are holding you back


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