You can control every situation, no you really can! - Episode 11

May 9th, 2019

I mentioned before that there are 3 things you can do to control or own every situation you are faced with.  This wasn't my advice, but advice I learned when I heard Brian Buffini interview Lou Holtz and he told a story about his relationship problem with his wife Beth Holtz.  

I tell this story so that you have context and keep in mind that Lou and Beth are married to this very day over 58 years later... so this advice must work for something.  I find it useful and apply it, so I share it with you.

Another thing I want to dive into are the misconceptions of using this advice.  Take a listen as I hope this can help your journey in some way or that you may find some inspiration.

A great quote from Lou Holtz to remember as you listen to this show:

“As long as you have an excuse, you’ll look for reasons why you can’t succeed.”

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Podcast - Brian Buffini Interviews Lou Holtz

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